Updated the Seven Minute VPN Script and Build Your Own VPN

1 minute read Published:

Have a couple of updates to share: I’ve updated the Seven Minute VPN scripts to: Block ads by setting the VPN server itself as a DNS server using dnsmasq and populating /etc/hosts with a boatload of known ad networks from Steven Black’s master hosts file. Install OpenVPN 2.3.15 as an RPM built from source instead of pulling Amazon’s package, as OpenVPN’s audits are complete and a few vulnerabilities discovered.

First of the 7 Minute Server Series: VPN Servers

3 minute read Published:

I’ve been using a proxy server for awhile, Squid and Privoxy, for fun and also because I saw too many cable and mobile ISPs acting shiftily (why, when I’m connected to Google, do all my connections go to an AT&T server, hmmm?). But the difficulty of setting up a proxy on a cellular connection was annoying — who wants to get Apple Configurator up and running and is that really a feasible solution for a non-technical person who should be able to control their phone’s outbound connections?

Configuring an OpenVPN client connection on Chromebook

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When you sit down to write a piece of technical documentation, it’s always surprising that the section you thought would be really complicated is astonishingly simple; and the things you thought would be finished in minutes steal days. Configuring an OpenVPN connection on Chrome was one of these things — it stole an entire day, but I finally got it working (and working repeatably, which is the sticky wicket!).