Getting an A+ on Qualys SSL Labs' SSL Report

3 minute read Published:

I’m supposed to be studying for the ASA 101 sailing test. Yesterday, I procrastinated by adding another section to The Seven Minute Server and used CSS to create a practice test/quiz for the ASA 101 by hiding the answers until you hover over them. It didn’t get me any closer to finishing the prep book, but it was fun… Today, when I should have been tying exotic knots, on a whim, I ran my site through Qualys SSL Labs’ SSL Report and was dismayed to see this site got a B.

Using CSS to Hack Up a Quick Quiz

2 minute read Published:

Was bored reading my sailing 101 book and thought it’d be easier to learn the material if I could set up a quiz on the go. After much duckduckgoing, came up with a quick-and-dirty solution to hide the answers until you hover (on desktop) or activate (on mobile). The styling I’m using is pretty ugly, but you can switch up the colors; just be sure that the background and hide-me colors are the same.