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Nov 13, 2014 - 1 minute read - Fun

Like Chess hit Go's minivan in a parking lot and they exchanged phone numbers

For real.

Feldspar is an abstract board game, sort of a combination between Chess and Go. You and the computer opponent take turns moving pieces and placing blocks, attempting to trap the other player. There are nine piece types, each with different movement rules and special abilities. Each game is meant to last a few minutes, and the touch-and-drag controls are simple.


We developed Feldspar over the course of several months while perfecting our AI engine and our cross-platform toolset, which compiles Java into JavaScript/WebGL and iOS binaries (using libGDX and RoboVM). We also gave it a space theme because zooming starfields look cool and space music sounds cool.


  • Quick gameplay and simple controls.
  • Challenging AI opponent that makes decisions quickly to keep the game moving.
  • Can share game replays with friends on the web.
  • Free to play online with a WebGL-enabled browser.
  • Supercool sounds and music

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